Assessment Technology

Let me begin with, the importance of student-centered technology in the classroom is very important since technology is used much more now. Teachers are responsible for their activities. Materials, watch their students’ progress, and does any of their students have special needs. Technology adds additional help for both teaches and students. I am going to talk about how important students-centered and how important technology is in classroom.

Let me begin with, how students-centered is to help students build knowledge, help with problem solving, work as a team, and critical thinking. Technology is made to help with that and make it easier, ways technology can help schools with students-centered classroom is empower the learner, organize activities, adopt technological tools in the class to teach the students, make their students know they are responsible for their learning, and subjecting students to regular evaluations (Saxena, 2013 )

For this reason, having imperative assessments online helps students to be more independent on their own learning. They can see what they been to improve on and have the responsibly to have to assess their own leaning. This helps build students conference as well because they are not replying on teachers as much.  Although all of this is a required for student- centered to be successful you have to be both creative as well as the use of technology learning goals with the students have to be met. according to ISTE it is critical to asses student-centered by making sure technology  powered pedagogy is applied, technology is used to increase access and differentiated teaching approaches, and teachers know how to differentiate their teaching using technology (ISTE, 2015).

Another thing that makes technology important in classroom because it helps with both formative assessments and summative assessments. A students can do either of the assessments on a computer and get instantly results. It makes it easier for the teacher to see progress and grade. It also make it easier for students to see their progress and make results for the next assessments. They are learning to be their own person and control their own learning. Five ways that a teacher can make a classroom student-centered is one to ask yourself how the classroom environment promotes interaction among learners. As well as, how do you operate in that environment? Number two is ask yourself what kind of assessment you use. Another question is to how do you respond to lack of buy in and which is more important to you: compliance or knowledge? Lastly, if learners were not required to come to your class, would they?

In conclusion, there is a lot of work that goes into being a teacher and having a student-centered classroom and have technology avoid. Technology plays a big part in schools and in classrooms. From doing homework, assessments, to taking quizzes and tests. As the students learn the teachers are learning as well. It take hard work and dedication.


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