Student Centered Technology

No one learns the same way because everyone is different. Everyone has different needs, different attentions interests as well as attention spans. Some of your students can have different language abilities and cultural backgrounds. Maybe it is by the way they were raised, or their abilities, educational backgrounds, or even what they need to learn and already know. Differentiated instruction mean that a teacher, responds to a variety of students need in the classroom. They meet the students need by monitor the process, content, and product (Tomlinson, 2015).

Therefore they have to find the same thing thought in technology as well. A student will learn better with the diverse interests and more students well be interested in working with computer. Since technology is growing you have to see what your students already know about technology. Finding out what your students already know well help you when trying to meet every students need. When trying to make sure you are practicing differentiation in your class you should design lessons that is based off of your students learning style, groups your students together based off their internet, topics, and abilities. You should also use formative assessments to found out what they know and don’t know and create a safe and supportive environment. Lastly, the teacher should adjust the lesson content to meet your students need if that is what is needed for you Weselby, 2014). These things is to help the teachers with differentiation with their students is one content, what they need to know and hat they need to know. Another is process and engagement level. The teachers should watch their students learning patterns and how they use the product.

Not to mention, the teachers should have the students in a great learning environment. You can follow these steps with technology as well by using PowerPoints to help with you lessons, using auto books, and showing them how to do a good research.  If you are inspire a love of learning with your lessons your students will learn. Your goal is to help your students learn more efficiently and with a deeper understanding of technology and there work. This help increase not only self-awareness but increase engagement and help improve learning outcomes. Lastly, the teachers need to know their students strengths and weaknesses. Technology helps the teachers figures all this out as well. For example, on a computer or laptop you can make up tests for the students to see what they know and do not know. After the test is done the computer would instantly give you and the student the answer as well as keep track on the test scores they have already done. Therefore the computer is helping your student s build self-awareness and this well help improve their work. Since they are able to see their grades are and progress instantly. Technology in the classroom definitely have their pros and cons since the world is becoming more digital it helps for the student to know more about technology. On the other hand, the teachers still need to teach them as if technology was not used because the still have goals to reach.


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