Technology to Support Communication

Technology to Support Communication Technology is important part of a comprehensive classroom because it helps with communication between the parents, students, and global community. A few things that helps with communication is Facebook because a lot of people have social medias. A second one is emails because you can access it anytime. Third is a school website because they can communicate and look at the process. Another one is VOIP because not only does it help with communicate with the parents but in an emergency. Technology to enhance communication to begin with, Facebook is a communication tool because everyone and business has a Facebook page. There are schools on there that has their own private page. Therefore they can connect with other parents about something the teacher might of forgot that for that. They also can connect with students and this is a global community communication. Secondly, Emails is another communication tool a lot of people has emails and use them often. The best thing is that anyone can access the many where they are because of cellphones. A lot of people hook their emails up to their phones so they would see the notification for it. Emails help the parents communicate with teachers easier and much faster. It is a global communicate because people has emails all over the word. Thirdly, a schools website is a communication tool because anyone that goes to the school or has a child that goes to the school and access it. This is definitely great for communication because not only can the parents and students communicate with the teachers but they can see their grades as well. This helps out the global community because this can be a Commented [BJ2]: Please cite in text when you are including information which is not general knowledge. global thing, they can her about the school websites from other people. When people use the internet they can get on the schools website for any reason they want to. Next is, VOIP which stands for voice over internet protocol is another communication tool because people uses their cell phone and internt everyday. This is a way for people to connect over the internet and cell phones. For example, if the teacher did not have a phone or their phone at the time the teacher can call the parents phone from their computer. Or if the teacher is at the school at night and there phone is died that can use the voice over internet protocol. Lastly, seminars and/or webinars is another communication tool because they are based off of communication. For example, if you go to school online the director or teacher well use a webinars to communicate with the whole class. You would hear the teacher over the computer talking about this week’s actives and you can reply or ask questions. Seminars helps with communication because you can make PowerPoints and teaches them how to use technology as well. With this in mind, teachers should make internet security is a top priority before anyone gets on the computer. They should let students, parents, and staff know it is so important because that’s how everyone stays safe. There is a lot that can go wrong when you put too much information on the computers. Cyberbullying is getting more and more populate with the different social medias. Which, which can still cause suicide. Not only does internet security helps with safety but it help with viruses on your computer. If you know what websites you should not access or things you should not download can help out your device. Teaching a lesson about the advantages and disadvantages is definitely a good idea. A student can never be over education about things that well protect their lives and even their identity. The teachers can have actives based off what you should and should not do on the internet. As a final point ass technology grows there are more ways to use it to communicate with parents and teachers. These are just some of the different communication tools you can use because it is important for a teacher to stay in touch with their students’ parents. Not only should they know what is going in their child school but it is important to show the parent that the teacher cares about their child.


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