Integrating Instructional Technology

Technology is used more and more in classroom because it helps to enhance instructional the classroom. According to is that technology in the classroom helps change in student and teacher roles, increase motivation, self-esteem, technical skills, and increase use of outside resources. There are a lof of different devices you can use to help out both teachers and students to better their classrooms but I picked out a few that I liked. A few technology devices that well make a change in the classrooms is smart white boards is a laptop but smaller, MimioVote that helps grade students work, and a smart screen projector which help everyone in the class see better.

The smart white board technology is used in the classroom to facilitate and enhance instruction because it is a white board that is touch screen and can used the same expect way as a PC. The teachers can use this board to access the internet and other things for the classes. The white board is very flexible and it save space in the classroom. It can used in the classroom to help the teacher teach their class easier. She can carry around the white board and show there examples on how to do their work without writing on their paper. It is also more portable to carry around the class than laptop.

The MimioVote is a wireless response system. The teacher can use this very easily and it is a faster way to measure knowledge of their students. You can keep up with your students and where they are in the lessons. The teacher can put their students’ grade in the MinioVote and he instantly shows the students grade. It shows you how much they missed and what they need to improve on. It is an easier way to track your students’ progress and know what you need to teach them on their private time.

Smart screen projectors are projectors that comes down for the celling that makes a picture bigger. It well be used in the classroom to help everyone see what the teacher is teaching. When everyone is on the same level but not everyone is the same height is helps a lot. Also since you can use it to access the internet or power point they have the PowerPoint go and still go around to teach the class. The curriculum for the screen projector is anything that you would want to use the screen projector for because they have many different ways (Tolisano 2008).

Of course with teach only in the classroom there are going to definitely be some pros and cons to them. A few pros of using technology to facilitate learning is that it allows the students to have more fun and it is very effective when doing school work in class. Another pro of technology in classrooms is because it enhance the students learning by boarding out their resources and access to more information. another pro I think is good is with using technology to facilitate learning is that it makes it easier on the teachers as well because not only does the students use it the teachers does as well. Teacher and students are learning about technology and the students are learning more how to do better research’s.

As was previously stated with pros in technology there are cons. The cons of using technology to facilitate learning is that not everyone has access to the same technology at home. Technology in the class can also be a distraction in the class. Technology in the class can also be a con because it is more costly for the school. According to you have to keep up with the maintenance expenses, you have to update software, hardware, and repairing them if they are broken. Lastly, technology in school can also cause a lot of chances for the students to cheat not with just a text or quiz but in essay as well.

Wired and wireless classroom can both have pros and cons to them. Wired pros is that it is more reliable because you do not have to worry about something affecting the signal. The price is cheaper, it has a high speed, and it is a high life expectancy. The cons of the wired class is that it does not have a lot of areas to go because it is stopped by a wire. It is also affected by moisture and other weather conditions. The pros and cons of a wireless is that it has a very high range and life expectancy. The cons is that the price is very high and signals can be easily intercepted by other things. Lastly, wireless con is that it does not have great quality of severe (Rodriguez, 2015).

As a final point, if technology is going to be ready in classroom you have to find devices that works for the teachers and students. The school has decide if they are going to be wired or a wireless school or even just the class and how much money they are willing to invest in the devices. They also need to understand the importance of technology and the pros as well as the cons. everyone should be able to work the devices and be able to show other people how to work it.

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